Two papers: “NDDR-CNN: Layerwise Feature Fusing in Multi-Task CNNs by Neural Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction” and “Face Anti-Spoofing: Model Matters, So Does Data” have been accepted to CVPR2019.

Intern positions are currently available. Please contact me with your CV if you are interested in doing cutting-edge computer vision researches.

Our paper: “Semi-Supervised Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition with Insufficient Labeled Samples” has been elected into ESI Highly Cited Paper.

Our paper: “Reduced-Rank Linear Dynamical Systems” has been accepted to AAAI2018.

This work was featured on JiQiZhiXin (机器之心)

Our paper: “Inactivation of KCNQ1 potassium channels reveals dynamic coupling between voltage sensing and pore opening” has been accepted to Nature Communications, where we derived a Markov Process to model the dynamic and stationary states of the voltage-dependent ion channel activation.

This work was featured on the largest Chinese online medium, such as Tencent News (腾讯新闻), TouTiao News (今日头条), Netease News (网易新闻), Sohu News (搜狐新闻), People’s Daily (人民网), JiQiZhiXin (机器之心), etc.

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